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About the practice:

A unique clinical practice created by Mr Wilson to help clients with a wide range of back pain problems, orthopaedic issues and sports injuries. 

With over 33 years of high level clinical experience in the medical and professional sports fields. Including work with the Football Premier League, Rugby Super League and countless other national and international level sports people

The clinic specialises in complex spine conditions including long-standing back pain and sciatica and post-operative rehabilitation, as well as joint problems, sports injuries and a wide range of orthopaedic conditions.

With clients worldwide, ranging from the very disabled back pained to elite international sports people. Often clients have seen several clinicians and failed typical approaches. 

Clients can expect a highly detailed examination including biomechanics assessment and rapid access to imaging with x-ray, MRI, CT Scanning etc where appropriate 

You will be provided with an individually tailored treatment programme, and with our excellent links to local, national and international specialists we aim to give you the highest possible level of care.

His approach has restored the lives of thousands of people like yourself









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in partnership with Gary Brown, Golf Professional at the pretigious Ganton Golf Club, we can offer Golfers a combination of Physiotherapy for your muscle/ joint/ spine issues combined with body and golf biomechanical analysis. This will give you the best of both worlds from the medical and sport specific perspectives.

In the first instance your injury will be treated by Andrew Wilson and then rehabilitation focused on your specific issues will be prescribed in conjunction with video or in-person golf analysis by Gary Brown. This dual approach has helped many golfers recover from injury and return to full fitness fast , equipped with the knowledge and exercise tools to prevent a re-occurrence and optimise your golf swing.

To book an golf specific appointment simply call the clinic  07415770235

Golf Biomechanics